Online everything for buying the car is possible. If then the dealer advertises with a great offer, all the better. A car is an object that is used almost daily. In addition, a car needs a lot of care. Here, too, you can advertise with care products. Today’s cars have to meet one hundred percent of customers’ wishes. This makes it even easier to advertise more individually. No matter whether it’s about more horsepower or car size, there’s always something that can be done in terms of price. Above all, cars are compared online.

Top pick’s when it comes to Car & Traffic Affiliate’s:

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Ø 2,7 von 5,0

June 2008


Ø 2,6 von 5,0

March 2018


Ø 4,4 von 5,0

April 2004


Ø 3,8 von 5,0

July 2002


Ø 2,9 von 5,0

July 2002


Ø 3,2 von 5,0

December 2018


Ø 3,1 von 5,0

January 2012


Ø 2,9 von 5,0

January 2012


Ø 4,2 von 5,0

February 2002


Ø 4,0 von 5,0

March 2013

If the same model is offered cheaper elsewhere, this is tempting. But for such an offer to bring in good money, the link must be available. Partner programs that deal with the topic car trust in exactly these variants. Such an offer goes beyond national borders. No matter whether the car wants to be tuned up or needs new spare parts, there is simply more to online.

The entry price for such a partner program advertising is relatively low. So, everyone can make a good profit with only a few sales. And it doesn’t always have to be direct sales. Information is also possible. It is important to provide drivers with useful information so that they can click on the product on offer. This is indicated with a banner or by text left.